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The officers and members the Pasadena (Texas) Volunteer Fire Department thank you for learning about what makes us proud to serve the citizens of Pasadena!

PVFD is the largest single-municipality, all volunteer, fire department in the United States. Its membership includes over 200 active and 50 semi-active Firefighters. The department responds to approximately 170 alarms per month within the almost 60 square miles of the City of Pasadena, plus it's Mutual Aid Agreement areas. Pasadena is the 159th largest city in the United States, next to its namesake city, Pasadena, California.

PVFD maintains over 40 pieces of rolling stock, as well as multiple boats, housed in 9 stations, with one additional headquarters building. The oldest apparatus in the fleet is Pasadena's very first fire engine, a 1929 American LaFrance pumper that is nicknamed "Old Betsy". This classic "ALF" still drives in local parades and to special events in the community. A state of the art, live fire, burn building and fire behavior simulator is located at PVFD's training field.

The City of Pasadena was incorporated in 1928, and the PVFD established in 1930 with a membership of 25 Firefighters. PVFD is the lead agency for Fire Suppression, Technical Rescue, and Hazardous Materials incident response for the City of Pasadena, Texas, but has Mutual Aid Agreements with all of its neighboring cities as well as many other nearby municipal and industrial fire departments. Emergency Medical Services are provided by a third service private ambulance service under contract to the City of Pasadena.

PVFD provides mutual aid protection to Ellington Field, NASA's Johnson Space Center, and the University of Houston-Clear Lake. It is also an active member of the Channel Industrial Mutual Aid (CIMA) organization, which is a conglomeration of municipal and industrial fire departments that respond to the numerous petrochemical plants in the region.

PVFD is a progressive department that prides itself on partaking in aggressive interior attacks on fire to protect life and property. We also live by the axiom that we "risk a lot to save a lot and we risk little to save little". The highways and industry in PVFD's district also test the department's technical rescue abilities on a regular basis.

PVFD members are trained in the department's Fire Academy and then assigned to the fire station they live closest to. All members are encouraged to further their training each Monday night at their station's drill sessions. Members of the service are also invited to attend classes at Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), the Texas A&M Fire School, CIMA classes and drills, as well as classes given by other agencys.

The command structure of the fire department includes the the Chief of Department, Assistant Chief, an Executive Board, Pension Board, Secretary, Treasurer, and an Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. It also maintains a Training Staff, Quartermaster, and Reporter/Historian. Rounding out it's support staff is the Safety Staff, Chaplain Corps, Public Liaison Officer and Information Technology Officer. 

 Mission Statement:

The mission of the Pasadena Fire Department is to prevent and minimize the loss of life and property of the Citizens and fire service personnel; to mitigate the consequences of natural and man-made disasters; to provide emergency and non-emergency support services; and to safeguard the environment and economic base of our Community.  


923 Shaw Ave @ Pasadena Blvd.
Administrative Headquarters
529 Pasadena Blvd. @ Seymour St.
Engine 21 (2012 FFA), Engine 22 (2000 FFA), Cascade 2 (2008 Int.), High Water 2 (1997 Ford)
3004 Red Bluff @ Southmore Ave.
Engine 31 (2012 FFA) , Engine 32 (2001 Quality), Ladder 3 (2011 FFA)
101 Queens @ Fresa
Engine 41 (2002 Quality), Engine 42 (2009 FFA), Ladder 4 (2002 Quality), Booster 4 (2007 Ford)
4725 Spencer Highway @ Preston Ave.
Engine 51 (2014 FFA), Engine 52 (2000 FFA), Rescue 5 (2001 Super Vac), Booster 5 (2001 Ford), High Water 5 (1996 Ford)
1200 Kirby @ Old Kirby Road
Engine 61 (2000 FFA), Tower 6 (2001 Quality), Booster 6 (2014 Ford),
1600 Crenshaw @ Parkland Road
Engine 71 (2013 FFA), Ladder 7 (2000 FFA), Booster 7 (2001 Ford), Utility 7 (Ford)
4100 Space Center @ Fairmont Pkwy
Engine 81 (2002 Quality), Engine 82 (2008 FFA), Ladder 8 (2000 FFA), Cascade 8 (2008 Int.)
4907 Donald @ El Jardin Blvd
Engine 91 (2001 Quality), Booster 9 (2004 Ford)
17200 Middlebrook @ Clear Lake City Blvd
Engine 10 (2008 FFA), Tower 10 (2001 Quality), Cascade 10 (1996 Ford), Booster 10 (2014 Ford)
209 North Main @ West Pitts
Fire Marshal’s Office
6600 Genoa Red Bluff @Red Bluff
Training Facility
Reserve Apparatus:
Engine 10 (1998 Quality), Engine 12 (2001 Quality) XE-1 (1998 Quality) Ol' Betsy (1929 American LaFrance)


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